The Office of Human Resource Management at BarletiUniversityis focused on: policy making, strategy, providing the most efficient management functions of human resources staff; recruiting experiencedand qualified staff, in accordance with our institution policies; drafting training strategy, assessment of job performance, procedures of job implementation related to work and administration of staff files.

Barleti University offers a qualitative university service based on ethics and professionalism. The Office of Human Resources Management has an important role to play in this goal. Its mission is to ensure the effective management of human resources by drafting and implementing regulations and procedures, policies, programs and services that contribute to achieving the goals of the Institution and employees by properly balancing the needs of employees and the needs of the institution.

Our vision is to collaborate with professionals by providing innovative, result-oriented human resource services, policies and systems, in collaboration with the Performance Assessment Office. Recruiting staff and undertaking policies for further development of Human Resources is fundamental at Barleti University, therefore it is necessary to improve standards and coordination, in order to identify and bring personalities, in the appropriate time and place, in order to meet the needs of UniBa.

Barleti University HR Strategy is a general and long-term plan to achieve objectives in the field of human resources, human capital management and development in the organization. It allows a planning and management of all work with human resources, helps to unify, direct the behavior of all staff and develop them in accordance with the core policies of the organization.

This strategy defines:
• Recruitment system, recruitment requirements, processes, responsibilities, staff selection;
• Requirements for staff training and development;
• Performance assessment;
• How to manage work performance, motivate and reward people;
• Employment relations and working conditions.

Staff audit will be a novelty of staff strategy development. The Office of Human Resource Management creates and encourages an environment that supports, develops and maintains well-being of Barleti University staff.

functions of main position

1. Prepares the strategic plan of Human Resources, alignedand based on the business plan;

2. Identifies and implements the best practices of human resources in order to increase cooperation;

3. Ensures that all human resources policies and procedures are up to date and in accordance with applicable law;

4. Set short-term and long-term objectives for the Office of Human Resources;

5. Evidences in real time the necessity of completing the number of staff, staff mobility within the institution, according to the requirements of the basic units, in accordance with the instructions of MASR and the development strategy;

6. Prepares the plan of rewards, evaluates the plan of salaries and benefits and recommends its improvement, to walk in the same line with the aim of the Barleti Group;

7. Ensures good relationships between employees, advising Managers on important staff relationship issues as well as issues that different individuals may have.

8. Supervises and coordinates the process of selection and recruitment of staff, and is part of the panel of interview panels.

9. Monitors the performance process and advises professionally on the difficulties that may be encountered by heads of departments / offices;

10. Analyzes the training needs of the staff and drafts the training calendar taking into account the suggestions of the Managers;

11. Drafts policies to promote quality and diversity in the institution;

12. Maintains close relations with the Labor Office and other state institutions related to personnel documentation;

Institutional Procedure

The objective of human resources is to recruit highly qualified candidates and for this reason, departments are encouraged to put all their efforts to recruit effectively the right amount and quality of staff beyond the minimum requirements. A good recruitment starts with good planning and the human resources department makes sure that any decision to recruit is made only after a consideration of all options, in order to recruit staff with the skills, knowledge, expertise and experience needed to helping the University achieve its objectives.

Recruitment Procedure

At the beginning of each semester, the basic academic and administrative units identify the needs for staff recruitment. The application is submitted to the Human Resources department, 2 months before the beginning of the academic semester, which publishes the vacancy announcement. Throughout the academic year, the Human Resources Department creates a database, with the data of applicants who show interest in being part of the staff and want to join various initiatives of Barleti University or other collaborating institutes. For application, send the documentation to the address: [email protected]

Barleti University also offers employment and internship opportunities for its excellent students. At the end of the bachelor or master studies, you can apply to be part of the University staff.

Application deadlines

The application deadline for the 1st semester is during the month of July, August - until September 7. (Refer to the latest active publication)
The application deadline for the second semester is During January until February 7. (Refer to the last active post)

Criteria and documentation for the employment of faculty staff or administrative staff at the university vary according to the job position of the employee.

General application criteria:
1. Having completed master studies
2. Proficiency in foreign languages (English and Italian are preferred)
3. Having ability in computer programs
4. Previous teaching experience, 2 - 4 years
5. Good organizational, communication and group collaboration skills

General application documentation:
1. Letter of interest
2. CV in Albanian and English (europass format)
3. Bachelor's degree, accompanied by a list of grades
4. Diploma of master studies, accompanied by a list of grades
5. Reference letter
6. Evidence of foreign language
7. Evidence of various computer programs

Full-time academic staff
1. Professor
2. Lecturer
3. Assistant Lecturer

Part-time academic staff
1. Administrative staff
2. Support staff

Weekly and annual vacations
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Other permits
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Official Holiday Calendar 2021:
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