Being “Barletas” (a student of Barleti) is a brand to which not only the academic preparation but also the services offered to studentscontribute. The Career and Alumni Office has an important role to play in supporting recent graduates, young people making their first attempts to integrate quickly into the job market. Based on this, the Career and Alumni Office continues to maintain permanent contacts with graduates, where one of the contact points is related to their career progress, new jobs, etc, in order to help them in promoting career plan in Albania, as well as to cooperate with them to promote common interests.

The focus is on supporting the student throughout the entire period of academic studies on campus through trainings, forums, employment projects, informative seminars and meetings with businesses, orienting them towards a successful career. For 15 years now, the Alumni network and the career board have served as support and guidance systems for the integration of students in the labor market.


The mission of the UniBa Alumni and Career office is to play an important role insupporting recent graduates, also young people making their first attempts to integrate quickly intoLabor market. Based on this, the office "Alumni and Career", organizes ongoing professional trainings for graduate students.The agenda of this office aims to enhance their future prospects and supportfurther advancement of new career. Even many years after having finished studies,graduates will be in touch with their university. Regardless of the profession that they have chosen or tend to choose, students, think they should go back to their university that they should gather with their university friends, former professors and share all the gained experiences.

Our intention is keeping safe the connections created during the years of study, the restoration ofold connections and creating new connections.Barleti University aims to turn the Alumni office into a golden meeting point for the itsex-students, the university community and the world of work.

Social Events

  • Monthly meetings at Barleti's bar.
  • Parties
  • Tours
  • Visits to museums, special art exhibitions or historical sites.
  • Creating of an alumni team for local sports organization, including; bowling, volley, football etc.
  • Trip for a specific event.
  • Roundtable discussion
  • Theater, concert, or movie night.
  • Outdoor activities, including, picnic, walking, cycling, etc.
  • Reunion

Voluntary work / community service engagement

  • Organizing an event for important days
  • Work with local non-profit organizations on certain projects
  • Helping children: local schools


  • Events, or important discussion for the Alumni group
  • Organizing a panel discussion for a topic of interest to the Alumni group
  • Work with Alumni to organize a local career program, including Alumni representatives from local organizations, highlighting current opportunities.
  • Career management, emotional awareness, etc.

Student Recruitment / Support

  • Warm “Welcome” receptions or alumni events
  • Work with the Alumni office, where volunteers can come out as mentors, and / or offer necessary support for current Barleti students.

Its purpose is:

  • To serve as a permanent "address" to keep in touch with the University, old friends, regardless of how often the place of work or residence changes, regardless of how many years have passed.
  • To be regularly in touch with his graduates to assist them in promoting a career plan in Albania.
  • To promote public and private entities in their recruitment procedures as well as to cooperate with them in the promotion of common interests.
  • To favor student's entry in the labor market, as well as promote the identity and values of this institution.
  • To support the career of each of the graduates by offering a wide range of services and activities.

Alumni Entrepreneurship

Barleti University, based on the slogan "Entrepreneurship - Creativity - Innovation", maintains a very close relation with entrepreneurs graduated from Barleti. Every new academic year, the "Alumni and Career" office organizes the event "Alumni Entrepreneur of the Year", thus appreciating the most successful entrepreneurs.

The "Alumni and Career" office cooperates with them by inviting them to open lectures, supporting them with various services based on their needs as well as bringing them closer to each other.

Based on this, there is a space created with the bios of our entrepreneurial alumni, inviting you to know and communicate with each other for further collaboration.

Alumni Ambassador

Zyra Alumni & Karriera në vijueshmëri të takimeve, aktiviteteve dhe organizimeve çdo mujore me studentët Alumni Barletas, shpall Ambasadorët Alumni.

Alumni/ae Aderaldo Mema, Xhoana Luli, Marsel Rupi, Fjordi Rroshi dhe Sara Xhaxhollari, përfaqësojnë periodikisht interesat e të diplomuarëve të UniBa. Me përgjegjësi personale dhe më shumë do të shërbejnë si urë lidhëse për kërkesat, idetë dhe propozimet e të gjithë të diplomuarëve Barletas së bashku me përgjegjësen e Zyrës Alumni & Karriera.

Nisur nga angazhimi, dëshira dhe vullneti për të bashkëpunuar me Universitetin e tyre Barleti dhe për të fuqizuar rrjetëzimin Alumni, ju ftojmë që të mund të njiheni dhe komunikoni me njëri- tjetrin e të bashkëpunoni më tej.

Për çdo pyetje mund të kontaktoni edhe me Përgjegjësen e Zyrës Msc. Grejsa Dushku me adresë: [email protected]


Barleti University
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Denada Peca, Head of the Career office
Irisi Asa, Head of the Alumni office
Career and Alumni Office
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