Processes and Programs of Financial Administration of the Institution are the responsibility of the Administrator who reports to the Office of Finance, Procurement Office and Office of Support, which operate based on policies and procedures that ensure the best and most transparent coverage of financial activity. Planning and reporting are ongoing processes, which are constantly monitored by the Administrator to ensure the normal continuity of the activity.
Revenue is the gross inflow of economic benefits during the period arising from the course of the ordinary activities of an entity when those inflows result in increases in equity, other than increases relating to contributions from equity participants.
Expenses are reduced by economic expenses during the reporting period, which lead to a reduction in an active payment or increase the capital of the reporting entity. Specifically, based on historical data of activities, as well as on expenses and financial projections, it is decided the distribution of expenses according to the main items: for salaries and expenses of staff, for maintenance and health, conditions and other necessary things. The biggest investment made in infrastructure is the construction of the new university campus, which is being partly financed by bankand by the profits generated by the activities over the years. Interest expenses and corresponding depreciation are calculated for these investments. The generated profits are in function of the activity in the field of education, background, culture and sports and it is foreseen that they will be invested for the further expansion of these activities.

The person in charge (The main functions of the position)

Orjeta Dhimitri graduated in ECONOMY - FINANCE in 1999. In 2007 she completed a Master of Science in Business Administration at the "François de Gestation Institute", in Tirana. Mrs. Dhimitri has a long experience in the finance sector. From May 2016, Mrs. Dhimitri joined Barleti University, as an accounting expert and later as Director of the Finance Office. For the period May 2005 - May 2016 she worked as Chief of Finance at the Hotel "Adriatik" in Durres. Mrs. Dhimitri has very good knowledge of French, Greek and English. She has excellent decision-making skills, leadership skills, as well as experience in project management, etc.


1. Admission, verification and processing of accounting documentation such as: MA, MP, bank documents, warehouse (FH, FD, invoices);

2. Accounting of documents in Finance 5 program and in other forms according to the requirements of the Administrator;

3. Preparation of periodic daily, monthly and annual records on revenues and expenditures, as well as forecasts for future periods;

4. Preparation of balance sheet and financial statements according to legal requirements and the Board of Directors;

5. Drafting and monitoring the budget of the institution;

6. Following and implementing the financial part of the agreement that the student has with the institution;

7. As a member of the Special Scholarship Commission, we review students’ applications for scholarships and then follow the implementation of the decisions of the Chairman of the Board of Administration for scholarships awarded to students;

8. Checking all operations of the Cash, Bank, inventory and their periodic reconciliation;

9. Maintaining accurate records for part-time engaged lecturers.

10. Processes periodic preparation of payroll.

11. Carrying out electronic declaration for tax documentation according to legal and sub-legal acts;

12. Other additional tasks required by the administrators of the institution;

Institutional Procedures

Salaries and Bonuses:
The current Albanian legislation makes the companypay contributions on behalf of the employees in a social fund operated by the Government. All payments and liabilities are recognized as an expense in the period in which they are related. Salaries, contributions to the state and insurance, ordinary leave, bonuses, non-monetary benefits (e.g. health insurance) are calculated in the year in which these services are provided for the staff. The declaration for salaries, bonuses and contributions is generated from the ESIG027 form in the tax system.

Taxes and duties are mandatory and non-refundable payments, defined in the laws and bylaws, which our institution pays to the state budget and the budget of the municipality of Tirana. Barleti University is a correct and responsible entity, respecting and paying off all legal financial obligations towards central and local bodies.

Accounting and financial reporting serves to provide the mechanisms by which all financial transactions are processed, recorded and reported. The activity of the company "Barleti Group" consists in providing undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The company carries out this financial activity in full compliance with Law No. 9901/2008 "On Traders and Commercial Companies in the Republic of Albania"; Law no. 9228/2004 “On Accounting and Financial Statements”; Law no. 80/2015 "On Higher Education and Scientific Research in higher education institutions in the Republic of Albania". Also, based on all bylaws in force.

Pursuant to the requirements of Law 80/2015 "On Higher Education and Scientific Research in Higher Education Institutions in the Republic of Albania", Article 116, for control and audit, we perform:
1. Control and periodic internal audit by the internal audit units of the institution.
2. Periodic external audit since 2017 by the auditing company "Grant Thornton" which is an internationally recognized auditing company. This company certifies the financial statements of the institution that are presented to third parties and state bodies.



Director of Finance

Email: [email protected]


Student finance

Email: [email protected]

Documentation For The Staff

Each member of our academic and administrative staff has a separate file with documentation according to the requirements of the institution. The Office of Finance assists the Office of Human Resources in completing the documentation and complying with all legal criteria.

Student Support

The Finance Office provides ongoing support to students and addresses all their requests: a) For financial support. The Finance Office assists the student in completing the student’s loan documentation, the interests of which are covered by the institution.
b) For fee review. The Finance Office in cooperation with the Special Scholarship Commission reviews all student requests for fee review according to their characteristics. The office works for a satisfactory result to provide students with financial support. The Finance Office cooperates with other offices in the institution or with offices outside the organization, such as banks, etc.


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