Technology, Information And Communication Center

ICT in the field of research
Collaborating with the field of Research, Library, Network, Research Institutions, ICT supports innovative technologies and a collection of specific research platforms that support the university, investments in research excellence, etc. ICT services, allow researchers to spend their time and resources on research, they enable us to do a major intensive research for Barleti University and not only.

ICT in education
Collaborating with our Education, Administration, Faculties, Library and Campus Infrastructure Services, ICTs offer both online and physical education and teaching, facilitating services for staff and students. We design and support a variety of environments including Learning Management System (LMS), documentary lecture, seminar with appropriate technological tools, learning studios and laboratories. We also offer a range of learning spaces (learning distributors, computer labs, library spaces) where students can study on their own and collaborate with other students as well as professors

ICT - transmitting University culture
Technology supports the processes and workflow that contribute to the University and its culture. ICT has a responsibility to design and deliver solutions that uphold the values of creativity, integrity, inclusion, diversity, and commitment. We achieve this by collaborating with our faculties, administration and professional service units to enable more streamlined processes to be deliveredby using technology, reducing administrative burden, for links and academic structures.



ICT in -Web service can convert your application into web application. Web applications are simple applications that work on the web. Web services are browsers and standalone operating system, which means that it can work in any browser without the need to make any changes


ICT in IT and Network - By joining our team, you will have access to powerful technology platforms and advanced skills in computing, software, network and database engineering, data visualization and analysis and storage of data. Our strong attitude, support and professional training enable us to supplement these technological skills and allow you to get the right support.

Social Media

ICT on Social Media - We help you discover and take advantage of the opportunities that social media offers. We do not offer standard solutions but we think together with the customer. By getting to know your business and products more and more, our specialists can discover successful solutions. Because social media offers so many opportunities it is important to decide, which are the specific activities that will be effective for your organization.


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Supporting future teachers in the use of ICT in educating students with special needs

In the framework of the project "Supporting future teachers in the use of ICT in the education of students with special educational needs", an initiative of the Australian Assistance Program, implemented by the Albanian Institute for Public Affairs on behalf of the Australian Government, on 30.03 .2019 the first open meeting was organized. In this meeting, which was attended by professors from 6 partner public universities, AIPA staff and an expert in ICT, each of the activities to be carried out was discussed in detail, also the division into working groups in specific fields, as well as laid the foundations for the content of intensive training for future teachers.

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Management platform of University structures

University structures management platform - is a virtual secretary that offers a wide range of online services for university didactics. The platform connects staff and students to IT services across the University, improving service delivery, integrating and managing new technology platforms to benefit the University Community.
The platform aims to come to help in real time not only student secretaries, but also all actors and users of university activities:

  1. Students
  2. Professors
  3. Teaching secretaries
  4. Departments
  5. Finance

Through the application, every member of the university will have the needed information.

Msc. Sokol SHURDHI
Head of ICT Center

Email: [email protected]

MP. Amir Esmaeilakhtar
Web Portals Architect/Administrator

Email: [email protected]

Digital Marketing

Email: [email protected]

Msc. Erdeta BOJA
Training Coordinator and Help Desk

Email: [email protected]

Msc. Anisa DOCI
Software Coordinator and Help Desk

Email: [email protected]

Msc. Geri Islamaj
ICT Support and Laboratory Worker

Email: [email protected]

Bch. Ada Osmani
ICT Support and Laboratory Worker

Email: [email protected]

Bch. Artemisa Bajrami
ICT Support and Laboratory Worker

Email: [email protected]