WHY UniBa?

Entrepreneurial University - student at the center. UniBa is an applied University, where learning is intertwined with research, innovation and internationalization.

Life at UniBa goes beyond teaching and exams. The spirit of experiential learning, student involvement in real-world projects, and contemporary teaching and learning methods enable students to understand the most demanded skills in today's marketplace.

  • Competitive fees, as well as scholarships for study programs.
  • 3 common workspaces where students apply their knowledge (hubs, labs and maker space).
  • 21 Bachelor programs & 10 professional programs - many choices!
  • Barleti Volley 32 trophies | 7 times cup winners in Albania & 4 times National Championship winners.


Barleti University is a fantastic place to study! UNIBA is a buzzing place with youngsters, full of energy, talent, and the desire to grow and succeed. There are many projects to attend each day, workshops to offer help, activities to organize and participate in, games to play and attend, or parties to organize and enjoy. Student life is full and welcomes young students every year to enrich these experiences.


The Career Office at UNIBA was established as a laboratory for accessing and meeting students' academic requirements with labor market offerings. Its focus is on supporting the student during the university years, orienting him / her towards a successful career, as well as promoting job applications in various companies, organizations and associations. The continuous links, in theoretical and practical aspects, between the University auditors and the labor market, give our graduates a competitive advantage in the market.


Barleti University pays special attention to the involvement of academic staff and students in various research and application projects. International and national scientific conferences; scientific student conferences; competitions in different profiles; mock trials; competitions for youth entrepreneurship, etc., are some of the initiatives that require student involvement during the academic year at UNIBA.


Genuine elite is prepared only when except of a qualitative teaching, students have a welcoming atmosphere to display their talents and desires in the community. Since the establishment of UNIBA, we created the right environment and conditions, the "planet" of students through two basic structures: -Student Clubs -Student Union. For more information, contact the coordinator at the address: [email protected]


The quality of student services offered at the University is one of the reasons that makes us choose where and what we will study! Barleti University offers a community of intellectuals, researchers, inspiration, creativity, entrepreneurship, teaching and learning that will have a significant impact on the life and career of every student. We keep cultures connected to achieve excellence in everything we do.


At UNIBA we coordinate activities related to student participation and activation in national and international projects in which the University is involved. In the framework of various projects, such as NEC - New European Citizens and the project TELESEICT, Erasmus +, EducationUSA Program, European Volunteer Service, etc., UniBa students and professors have had the opportunity to exchange experiences and good practices with their colleagues in various European universities and gain knowledge on contemporary topics


Books do not teach everything! Engaging in various activities / conferences / competitions, etc. outside the auditorium increases the level of self-confidence, training and cooperation. Involving students in various application challenges is what makes the student engage in challenges similar to those in the job market. In addition, this experience makes our students successful in the job market.


Barleti University maintains strong relationships with the industries in which it offers curricula. The faculties and teaching departments at UNIBA continuously integrate market developments in their curricula, in order to prepare a more professional staff for the domestic and foreign labor market. Quality in teaching, scientific projects, activities, sports and competitions, enable our students be employed in small and large businesses and organizations, inside and outside the country