Barleti University aims to be a qualitative institution of higher education and a main protagonist in development. It offers true values of professionalism and citizenship as well as it prepares committed and integrated citizens.

To achieve its goals, Barleti University pays special attention to the selection of academic and administrative staff, showing the utmost care to cooperate with academics, professionals and well-known personalities in their fields of specialization.

For this reason, this institution applies high standards not only in the selection of its academic and administrative staff but also in the process of evaluating staff performance, trying to be a fair, acceptable and in accordance with national and internationalstandards.


The institution bases its activity on5 main pillars which are:

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Academic Pillars

The Academic Pillar includes all academic activities aimed at efficiently carrying out with the teaching process, equipping students with contemporary theoretical knowledge, professional andcommunication skills, and basic techniques of receiving, processing, giving information, based on modern teaching methods and led by trained and experienced professors.

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Students Pillar And Community Relations

This pillar puts the student in the center of attention, where in addition to his scientific and professional training he is also part of activities for the concretization of knowledge and continuous communication with public administration, business and civil society.

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Scientific Research Pillar And Innovation

The institution carries out scientific and applied research work, giving priority to innovation and ensuring the training of students for entrepreneurship initiatives (start-ups). It covers its areas of training with applied research projects in the community, with concrete results at the practical level and with innovative elements.

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Administrative Pillar

The administrative activity of the institution perfectly combines the well-known institutional administrative organization with leaders, managers and administrative-academic structures, creating a corporate system suitable for its university academic nature.

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Enterprise Pillar

Trying to achieve the full nature of a third generation European university, in its strategy the institution aims at commercialization of knowledge and development of enterprises, in cooperation with counterpart institutions and business, encouraging creative academic forces to establish the nuclei of enterprises that practically apply knowledge.

Functions Of Main Position

Office of Performance Evaluation Management

Office of Performance Evaluation Managementis led by the Performance Management Coordinator and has the task of managing the process of evaluating staff and institutional performance, administering institutional documentation and other data related to the process.
This taskis entrusted to Jonida Begaj PhD, LLM


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Performance Evaluation Commission

The Performance Evaluation Commission (PEC) is a collegial body that acts in accordance with the relevant legislation and based on decisions and internal institutional instructions. The status and functioning of the PEC is regulated in the Statute of the institution, in the special regulation for Performance Evaluation and Management as well as in other internal normative acts.

The Performance Evaluation Commission periodically reviews the documentation related to the performance evaluation of the institutional structures and staff of the institution according to the forecasts in accordance with the qualification, classification and commitments of each staff member. It is in accordance with the legislation in force regarding higher education and work.

The PEC consists of the leaders and / or representatives of the five main pillars of the institution as well as the Performance Management Coordinator who is a permanent member of this Commission.

PEC members

1 - Academic Vice Rector

2 - Vice Rector for Applied Research and Innovation

3 - Vice Rector for Student Affairs

4 - Head of the Administrative Pillar

5 - Head of Entrepreneurship Development Unit

6 - Performance Management Coordinator

The Director of the Legal Office and the Director of the Office of Human Resources Management also participate in the meetings of the PEC(as supporting members).

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The performance appraisal policy encourages the approach and evaluation with professionalism and objectivity, honest exchange of opinions, participation and open attitude. Evaluations are made in accordance with the institution's policies, best practices and legal responsibility for equal opportunities and treatment. The evaluation is intended to be mutually beneficial, for both the staff and the institution.

Among the main objectives, we can mention the clarification of expectations in relation to responsibilities and the identification of individual objectives, encouraging the growth and improvement of individual and institutional performance, identifying and reviewing the needs for training and staff progress, identifying the needs for changes in the organization and well-functioning in the short and long term, etc.

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To carry out the performance evaluation process, ithas regular annual Sessions and special meetings, whenever deemed necessary.

The Permanent Annual Sessions are:

A. September Session (coinciding with the end of preparations for the start of the new academic year). In this Session, the general evaluation of the work of the respective structures and the internal academic staff is organized. In addition, the necessary recommendations and suggestions regarding the academic and administrative tasks of the respective staff and structures are drafted.

B. Session of December (which coincides with the full beginning of the teaching process and research and administrative activity). In this Session, the general evaluation of the activities in the process of recruiting new students is realized. In addition, the necessary recommendations and suggestions related to these activities are drafted.

C. March Session (coinciding with the closing of the first semester of the academic year). In this Session, the evaluation of the staff work for the first Semester is performed. In addition, the necessary recommendations and suggestions are drafted.

D. Session of June (coinciding with the end of the second semester of the academic year). In this Session, the evaluation of work of the external academic staff and the administrative staff is carried out, the preparations for the evaluation of work of the internal academic staff are made and the relevant recommendations and suggestions are drafted.

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Staff of Barleti Group is classified into four main categories:

1. Academic Staff
2. Academic - Research Staff
3. Administrative Staff
4. Support Services Staff


The performance assessment process takes place for all staff and institutional units ofBarleti group. This process aims at professional support and development, in accordance with institutional and individual objectives.

Performance appraisal regulation (PDF)


Barleti University
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