Basic research as part of Uniba research aims to improve theories and understanding or prediction of phenomena of nature, society, economy, etc. Driven by curiosity and a desire for new knowledge, basic research serves as the fuel for the innovations of applied sciences studied at UniBa. He tends to generalize knowledge about isolated phenomena as of interest, and in his philosophy seeks to gather as much knowledge as possible.

The opposite of basic research, as another component of scientific research, is applied research that aims to solve everyday problems, whose results have an immediate and practical effect.

Basic research studies specific, individual, non-generalizing cases and experiences identified by academics or students, recognizing the fact that variables are constantly changing. Whereas the research applied requires generalizations of concrete situations assuming that the variables do not change.

UniBa core research is closely linked to academic experience and has a major impact on student life and future because it updates academics' knowledge, making it a transfer of high quality knowledge, adding supporting teaching materials to the auditorium with contemporary and encouraging findings, thus encouraging investment.



Call for Papers

Barleti University is opening the call for papers for the International Conference "Science For Youth" to be held in Tirana, on 27-28 May 2022.

This conference brings together Albanian and International researchers from different areas, such as: Psychology, Education, Sports and Wellbeing, Architecture, Creative Industries, Computer Science, Economy, Tourism, Law and Political Science, focusing on applied research gravitating towards youth issues in the contemporary world. The postmodern world poses significant challenges to finding smart, rapid and flexible solutions to complex problems. The Covid 19 pandemic was and still is, a critical global issue, affecting not only population health and wellbeing, but also education, economy, human rights, social policies etc. Youth represent the fraction of the population which will be particularly affected from challenges, changes and innovation in the near future.

Keynote speakers of the conference are distinguished international professors and professionals of their fields who will bring their knowledge and expertise from very diverse cultural contexts.





Research at UniBa develops its components as follows. Organizational units are organized in support of priority research areas and innovation, as an integral part of both types of research.

The process of research-development and innovation, in the way that it is perceived, is complex and requires not only commitment and attention but also intelligence and understanding at the core of the process. For this reason, there are some important actors, both at the level of policy-making and concrete action to achieve the goals. This task is accomplished through the organizational work of some people according to the degree of hierarchy, as follows:

Research and Development Coordinator

PhD. Kejda Nuhu

She is a practical manager of cross-sectoral and researcher and at the same time pursuing problems, trying to find solutions and opportunities in a flexible way. She coordinates all actions and interactions individually or in a network of activities and initiatives of university enterprises and beyond.

Short academic biography

Deans of Faculties

People with leadership entrepreneurial skills as well as familiar with the academic aspect of the field covered by the faculties they lead. They have a duty to follow the process of research - development - innovation to the end in their faculties, which is as important as the task of managing the academic issues of student formation.

Directors of Institutes and Centers

Passionate researchers, loving to build and propose further implemented projects, with technical and organizational intuition. They lead the process of generating practical and innovative ideas, through projects, they offer opportunities to develop and grow the innovative spirit of students, academics, entrepreneurs, helping the economic, political and social developments of the country at the same time.


Research and Innovation Center for Development and Entrepreneurship


BRIDGE is an initiative of Barleti University that aims to promote and enable the importance of scientific research for Albania and the Region. Together with innovation and technology transfer,they are fundamental factors for a knowledge-oriented economy.

Research and innovation (R&I) systems are part of a complex ecosystem that coordinates different elements to function optimally. These are: research that gives high quality results, exchanges of knowledge between researchers and beyond, that enable multidimensional innovation, and a legal framework that protects research findings through industrial property and copyright that further motivates innovation.


BRIDGE, as a transmitter of Barleti University vision, aims to enable, in the ecosystem of Albanian universities, scientific research with impact on society, politics, economy, environment, technology, etc., as well as to raise awareness on the importance of research in education of the new generation of students and young researchers. At the regional level, Bridge makes good use of the diversity of national research and innovation systems, enabling collaboration in research projects and thus increasing the networking potential of research consortia and creating and developing capacities for regional research and innovation.
Bridge aims to promote at UniBa level and beyond (at national and regional level) a deep research culture that by increasing research capacity develops new paradigms, theories and methods.
BRIDGE, by interacting with the actors of the Albanian and regional ecosystem aims to make universities and research and development organizations aware of the importance of research and innovation and its role as a catalyst for economic and social development of the country. It also aims to create synergies with the strategies, agendas and activities of the Research and Innovation systems and structures of the countries in the region to promote the implementation of best international and successful European practices in the process of generating new knowledge
1.     Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship - fostering and supporting competitiveness that fosters innovation, creates and fosters entrepreneurship.
2.     Creative industries, tourism and related sectors - an integrated approach that advances the tourism sector and all related fields, at national and regional level.
3.     Innovation and the digital future - as part of digital culture and sustainable development, a powerful tool for future challenges.
4.     "Smart" cities and urban growth - an innovative venture that ensures a balance between social, economic, environmental, human, cultural and technological factors.
5.     Good governance and the rule of law - good governance and the rule of law according to European and international best practices in the framework of European integration.
6.     Human capital for sustainable growth - Development of human capital and updating its skills and competencies in support of innovation, entrepreneurship, development and new challenges.
7.     Health, sports and physical education - Creating an innovative approach in the field of health and sports, not only to meet the requirements of physical education but also to develop a new integrated offer as part of the chain between health, sports and physical education, and development.
BRIDGE center functions:
1. To support, accommodate, commercialize and promote UniBa search processes and products
2. To manage patents, licenses, copyrights, etc.
3. To cultivate the spirit of research within the community of academics, students and partners at UniBa
4. To continuously improve the quality of research at UniBa and beyond.To develop academic freedom and national, regional and beyond cooperation.
5. To enable the transfer of technologies and knowledge generated by the research process, as well as capitalize on achievements and findings.
6.To coordinate and implement concrete research or consulting projects
7. To provide consultancy on concrete projects aimed at contributing to economic growth and improving living standards in general
8. To raise the national profile of research and innovation by promoting interdisciplinary research in developing ecosystems
9. To promote research-related and development activities at UniBa and beyond, such as conferences and scientific forums, article publications, journal publications, newsletters, etc.

Faculty of Economics, Governance and Law

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Faculty of Social Sciences, Tourism and Sports

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Faculty of Applied Sciences and Creative Industries

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Institutes And Centers

Platforms for Application research support at Barleti University, Institutes and Centers, help the academic and research staff of UniBa, in the implementation of scientific research through projects based on real life issues. Recent project topics range from Tourism and Related Sectors (eg BIRD-implemented Regional Academy of Adventure Guides) to Human Rights (eg Fighting Violent Extremism). GCERF implemented by Adriapol) and Economic Development (eg Economic empowerment of vulnerable groups and stimulation of entrepreneurship by Terres des Hommes implemented by Adriapol) or that of Education and Social Affairs (eg Educate in Healthy, Safety and Security Environment by IADSA implemented by the Barleti Association, by energy efficiency Reehub Plus IPA II CBC ITALY-ALBANIA-MONTENEGRO implemented by BIRD). The projects of the Institutes not only help in the realization of the applied research of the academics but also create opportunities for networking and long-term interaction. One of them is the establishment of the ARIO (Ambassadors and Representatives of International Organizations Platform) by AIPA, to bring an ambassador to UniBa every month, addressing a specific issue and talk to students and academic staff.

Cooperations and Partnerships

As a widely corporation institution, UniBa has a broad institutional partnership. At the university level, it has cooperation agreements with the country's most prestigious universities, with the Universities of Clemson, Arkansas and South Carolina in the USA, Bari and Genoa in Italy, with the Vigo University in Spain and is on its way to signing other such agreements.

Most of these agreements were for the mobility of academic staff and students, for the exchange of school academic documentation, and talks and meetings are underway to build joint programs for next year.

Meanwhile, the institution makes extensive use of agreements signed with several ministries, the National Accounting Council, important units of public administration such as the Archive Directorate, the Albanian Copyright Office, law firms, important enterprises and businesses, banks, etc.

Projects and Publications

Programs and Projects

Projects of our institution have included the latter in important programs in the field of communication and new technologies, environmental protection, energy efficiency and related expertise, community school and implementation of new notions in school and community also in massive youth resuscitation programs and human rights and other strata in need and disability. In the framework of these programs, closer ties with business and civil society have been established. Many elements of these programs have become part of the new study programs proposed in all areas of the institution (ten professional programs and thirteen bachelor programs); the participation of UB as a nationally approved unit in the training and qualification of teachers at the national level is another innovation.

Conferences and publications

The institution cultivates its knowledge and their dissemination in a qualified scientific environment through the organization of international scientific conferences: "Good society - a multidimensional approach", "Balkan Sport - developments and perspectives", "Strategic relations between the Balkan countries - common values and Globalism”. The last two conferences organized at UniBa:

  • The first Inter-University Academic Conference, on the topic "Challenges of Higher Education and Applied Research in Albania". 19.11.2020
  • The Inter-University Scientific Conference "Opportunities and Challenges for a Sustainable Tourism Development” took place on 27.05.2021.

They have been serving as platforms to promote the creation of scholarly works by groups of co-authors within UniBa but also to become part of panels that also bring together researchers from other universities. Also, the academic staff participates in scientific conferences abroad and publish their work in scientific journals of the time with high impact factor.