Basic research as part of Uniba research aims to improve theories and understanding or prediction of phenomena of nature, society, economy, etc. Driven by curiosity and a desire for new knowledge, basic research serves as the fuel for the innovations of applied sciences studied at UniBa. He tends to generalize knowledge about isolated phenomena as of interest, and in his philosophy seeks to gather as much knowledge as possible.

The opposite of basic research, as another component of scientific research, is applied research that aims to solve everyday problems, whose results have an immediate and practical effect.

Basic research studies specific, individual, non-generalizing cases and experiences identified by academics or students, recognizing the fact that variables are constantly changing. Whereas the research applied requires generalizations of concrete situations assuming that the variables do not change.

UniBa core research is closely linked to academic experience and has a major impact on student life and future because it updates academics' knowledge, making it a transfer of high quality knowledge, adding supporting teaching materials to the auditorium with contemporary and encouraging findings, thus encouraging investment.


Applied, as well as basic research are the founders of innovation and in constant symbiosis with it.

UniBa uses the following tools and initiatives to develop applied research:


b. Smart City Lab
c. Lab of the Digital Future
d. Knowledge Economy Lab
e. Global Warming Lab
f. Energy Efficiency Lab
g. SAFE (Emergency Response Lab)
h. ETNO Tourism & AGRAL Agri-Food: LAB
i. Lab of Health and Welfare

Barlet Business Terminal

a. City Hub: Co-working Space
b. PitStop: Business Support Center
c. Business Gate: Soft Landing & Smart Takeoff
d. Barleti Business Academy
e. Business Incubator and Accelerator

Barlet Creative Garage

a. Creative Economy Cluster
b. "FabLab" - Architecture and Applied Sciences
c. Atelier: Graphics and design
d. The Stage: Culture & Arts Space
e. Studio: Multimedia & Communication
f. Maker Space

Barleti Hub

a. Start -Up and Spin off Hub
b. Young Entrepreneurs Club
c. StartUp Academy
d. InTech Lab

West Base Camp

a. Program axes
b. Wealth
c. Physical Education
d. Sports and physical activities
e. Leisure Activities
f. Directions of activity
g. Well-being & lifestyle
h. Health & Welfare
i. Sports Academy
j. Sports &Physical activities
k. Tourism
l. Recreation (entertainment activities)