Basic research as part of Uniba research aims to improve theories and understanding or prediction of phenomena of nature, society, economy, etc. Driven by curiosity and a desire for new knowledge, basic research serves as the fuel for the innovations of applied sciences studied at UniBa. He tends to generalize knowledge about isolated phenomena as of interest, and in his philosophy seeks to gather as much knowledge as possible.

The opposite of basic research, as another component of scientific research, is applied research that aims to solve everyday problems, whose results have an immediate and practical effect.

Basic research studies specific, individual, non-generalizing cases and experiences identified by academics or students, recognizing the fact that variables are constantly changing. Whereas the research applied requires generalizations of concrete situations assuming that the variables do not change.

UniBa core research is closely linked to academic experience and has a major impact on student life and future because it updates academics' knowledge, making it a transfer of high quality knowledge, adding supporting teaching materials to the auditorium with contemporary and encouraging findings, thus encouraging investment.

Fields Of Research And Innovation

At UniBa, as a center not only academic but also scientific research, through its programs and structures, creativity and innovation are promoted on several levels. Research at UniBa complements the formation of students with new skills and competencies required today by the diversified and ever-changing labor market. These search fields are as follows:

The basic research pillars at Barleti University (UniBa) according to the programs:

Program I: Competitiveness And Entrepreneurship

Productivity at UniBa is a key factor that fuels economic growth and well-being through wage levels. Empirical evidence and practical experiences of developing and developed economies prove the idea that competitiveness and productivity are inseparable and that competitiveness translates into growth and economic and social prosperity, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Program II: Creative Industries, Tourism And Related Sectors

The relationship between tourism and supporting industries as well as the relationship between tourism and creative industries is well known and widely analyzed in the economic literature. What is less analyzed is the great potential of links and synergies between tourism, supporting industries and creative industries and how a cohesive policy approach will be developed in order to enable integration and convergence between these sectors.

Program III: Innovation And The Digital Future

At Barleti Group and Barleti University, the innovation program is an umbrella term for the programs and projects that UniBa and the affiliated institutes create, in order to convey innovations to organizations and build their innovation skills. UniBa's innovation program consists of a number of unique but crosscutting innovation initiatives, such as innovation labs, entrepreneurship programs, Centers of Excellence (CoE), accelerators and other centers.

Program IV: "Smart" Cities And Urban Growth

An essential objective of the "smart cities" perspective is community development, seeking to empower local individuals and groups by providing them with the skills and information needed to influence change in their communities and foster innovation. “Smart City” is an innovative enterprise that ensures a balance between social, economic, environmental, human, cultural and technological factors. Community development represents a process of change, where participation and collective action are essential.

Program V: Governance And The Rule Of Law

Based on the conceptual presentation of good governance and the rule of law as well as in full harmony with the corporate and administrative pillar of its activity, Barleti University aims the promotion of a program in the field of good governance and the rule of law. This program based on the best European and international practices will be a valuable contribution to the government and Albanian society as a whole, especially in terms of obtaining the statute of the EU candidate country. The UniBa Program of Good Governance and the Rule of Law includes research and studies on the political and social transformation of Albania.

Program VI: Human Capital For Sustainable Growth

In response to ensuring human capital development, Barleti Group and UniBA have established the AM-Barleti Human Capital initiative. This initiative is based on some core values such as: promoting international quality standards and best practices in the labor market, creating a dynamic and competitive environment. It aims to promote development at the individual, professional and community levels by focusing on employment, empowerment of human capital - support for entrepreneurship as well as matching skills with the talents and requirements of each employee and jobseeker.

Program VII: Health, Sports And Physical Education

The importance of preparing for a positive future arises from the way the academic world relates to the real practical demands of society and the individual. UniBa provides Programs with a concrete approach to individuals for each sector through theoretical and practical training. Creating an innovative approach in the field of health and sports by meeting the requirements of physical activity education aims to bring an integrated offer across the link chain between health, sports and physical education. The final achievement for a healthy society, necessarily comes from this journey of Barleti University, thanks to many undertaken initiatives.