Delegated administration is a new way of organizing in Albania, especially in Universities. We are generally accustomed to seeing owners run every aspect of the corporation or institution, but Barleti University has applied the best models of governance, thus introducing the notion of Delegate Administrator.

The Delegated Administrator is the direct representative in the ownership organization (Administrator - Board of Directors) giving the latter all the necessary space to judge accurately. In this context, the Delegated Administrator follows and implements all tasks assigned to him by the ownership (Administrator - Board of Directors). He manages the daily work in the institution, monitors the compliance with the set objectives and carefully monitors the working groups how they operate in order to achieve the goal and objectives of "Barleti" University.

The Delegated Administrator has the same mission of Barleti University, which is exactly the sustainable development of the University in all directions, (academic, research and scientific, social, cultural and sports) or becoming a factor of promotion and development engine in the field of education and beyond. Despite the fact that Barleti University is the only university in Albania that has the maximum evaluation by the British company QAA, its vision is the maintenance and further development of these standards.

Mission is like a map that shows the way to achieve the objectives set by the institution. The Delegate Administrator at Barleti University, among other things, is increasingly focused on the sustainable development of the institution. Relations with third parties (partner universities, public and private partner high schools, various companies which cooperate with Barleti University not only for employment or internships of students but also for market studies, joint activities, trainings; private and public agencies, involvement of ALUMNI, etc.). Also, promotion of the institution, continuous improvement of communication, involvement of important personalities in university life, being a public voice of issues that concern community are part of the map that the Delegate Administrator uses.

International best practices show that sustainable development is based on two important elements: staff and internal quality as well as external relations. In this context, the Delegated Administrator, in full compliance with the development strategy set by the Board of Directors, focuses mostly on the development of internal staff through training, conferences, promotion and academic titles, motivation, inclusion of higher standards of academic methodology, increasing the performance of administrative and support staff through ongoing training, etc. Also the constant relationship with stakeholders outside the University, continuous communication with third parties, cross-sectoral activities, the involvement of career boards with genuine labor market experts, being a strong public voice, are at the core of the strategy of development.