Albania Artificial Intelligence

ORGANIZER:  Innovation Hub 
LOCATION:  Innovation Hub (Godina e Inovacionit)
DATE:   22.02.2017
START:  18.00
CLOSING:  20.00

Moderators:  Ersion Meculi / Korado Capja / Geiv Tomco / Erlis Hasa


Albania Machine learning & Artificial intelligence Community

The main idea of our community is to bring together people with common interest about AI
We want to create a community that will bring together to discuss, share experience, organize conferences, workshops and hopefully publish a quarterly magazine for all members
We aim to build a community that will try to solve problems of AI and working together for the purpose of empowering each other in this field and not only.
In addition, we will try to bring this new technology to the youngest and to make them understand that AI is the technology that will change the world by showing members where they can use AI and how they can further develop it.