History and prospektus

Legal basis of the study programmes offered by UMB

NPSOHE MBU is a non-public institution of higher education, created under the Law no. 8461, dated 25.02.1999, amended, “On the Higher Education in the Republic of Albania”, and has operated according to the Law no. 9741, datd 21.05.2007 “On the Higher Education in the Republic of Albania”, amended, with the laws no. 9832, dated 12.11.2007, no. 10 307, dated 22.07.2010, no. 10 493, dated 15.12.2011, and bylaws issued in its implementation. At present, the institution is adapting its activity to the requirements of the Law no. 80/15, dated 22.07.2015 “On the higher education and scientific research in the Institutions of Higher Education in the Republic of Albania”.

UMB has developed its strategic project in line with the national activity in education aiming at the strengthening of the democratisation, modernisation and full adherence to Europe. Created, as a higher education institution with a humanist approach, UMB aims at the development of the institution in another yet dimension, by getting closer to the university practices of an entrepreneurial institution.

In the Albanian context, UMB aims at fulfilling its institutional purpose, through a combination of the liberal, classical school and its ideals for indipendent critical opinion and free thinking with the fundamental qualities of the entrepreneurial mind and spirit. UMB diplomas are a blend of academic challenge with training and qualities, that not only prepare students for future employment, but also endow them with capabilities of becoming Albania’s ambassadors in Europe and beyond. UMB is not engaged politically and works in the interest and to the benefit of the society in several correlated manners:

- as an instrument of obtaining knowledge and creating intellectual sustained capital;
- as a critical collaborator of the governments, able to assess and guide the policy-makers;
- as a source of generating and supporting social and economic development;
- as a source for the nurturing of democratic values and ideas.