SHLUJ "Marin Barleti University" offers bachelor study programs in many areas. They are designed to enable students with high quality of education and flexibility. Students gain knowledge in the following graduate degree: business management, administration, finance, accounting, banking, auditing, tax, law, psychology, sociology, political science, architecture, physical education and sports.

SHLUJ "Marin Barleti University" is a quality higher education institution, which, besides providing interdisciplinary training, aims to awaken and enhance the integrity of the individual values to students.

In the degree programs offered by SHLUJ "Marin Barleti University", students have the ability to cope not only with different approaches in the academic field, but also learn from the practices and experiences of our lecturers, who are the most chosen instead.

By enabling you to possess a degree in the field preferred to SHLUJ "University Marin Barleti" you have the ability to climb stairs of knowledge and to face a very active student`s academic environments.

Bachelor (Part Time)
For all students who have limited time due to employment, family responsibilities SHLUJ UMB offers the part time studies as an excellent alternative for obtaining the desired degree. In the system of studies part time at SHLUJ "Marin Barleti University", you can study in programs of Finance-Accounting, Business Management, Law, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology.

Study Dynamics
The study period lasts in 3 years and is organized into 6 semesters for a total of 180 ECTS (60 ECTS per academic year). Study programs are organized in accordance with the European System of Transfer of Credits (ECTS). In ECTS, 60 credits represent the workload of an academic year of study and one credit is 25 hours of work, including lectures and other forms of instruction (such as exercises and seminars), as well as work at home and / or at the library, which includes as well the internship and the thesis defense.

The student is allowed to attend the following year when he/she has won at least 50% of the credits of the previous year. The subjects to which belong to the remaining credits are considered carried liabilities.

The student graduates when he/she has won all credits required to graduate. The branches that end with graduation thesis, the student has the right to defend the thesis up to 3 (three) years after the completion of the study process.

Regulation of academic hours
The academic year of full-time system has 30 teaching weeks, while the academic year of the part-time has 44 teaching weeks. Every class lasts 60 minutes. In the full time system classes are held from Monday to Friday, whereas in the part-time system classes are held every Friday, 16: 00-21: 10 and every Saturday 8: 30-14: 40 (or 15:30).

Evaluation methods
In assessing the student`s knowledge, the professor, as a rule, is based on the findings of continuous control, attendance and active participation in lectures, seminars, exercises, internships, creative work, various works and assignments. The knowledge control is made either orally or in writing and orally. This goes for the exams, as well as for testing or control sessions organized by the professor. A student who has not validated credits collected in a particular subject, or is assessed negatively, has the right to be proven in the successive date.