Elona Bano, LLM
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SHLUJ "University Marin Barleti" sets the minimum acceptance criteria for each program of study and publishes them on time. Through the application, the applicant expresses his/her interest in pursuing graduate studies at the SHLUJ "University Marin Barleti” in the study program of his/her choice.
The Master candidate must meet the following criteria: To possess a university degree "Bachelor" or other study degree obtained within or outside the country, estimated equivalent in relevant field or related fields for the program he/she applies...
Clemson University in South Carolina, USA, in collaboration with the SHLUJ “University Marin Barleti”, Tirana, offers this academic year the doctoral program in "International Studies for the family and community." The program is offered by the Clemson University in Tirana at the premises of SHLUJ “University Marin Barleti”.
To stimulate students with excellent results, SHLUJ “University Marin Barleti” offers every year a number of scholarships. Also, to promote students with special abilities in the field of art, culture, and sports, SHLUJ “University Marin Barleti" has a special program for scholarships and financial aid.