Prof. Dr. Jorgji Bollano, Dekan


Academic Structure
The academic structure of Marin Barleti University , itself involves Faculties, Schools, Institutes and various centers.
Study Programs at UMB
Academic quality. Choosing a study program. What is the credit system? The credit system is the systematic  description of a study program in it’s main parts which are expressed in credits.  The definition of credits is done based on various parameters such as students’ work load, learning performance and time spent in contact with professors...
Study Process
The basic elements of the study process are teaching and evaluation of knowledge. Teachings is achieved through formative activities (lectures, semminars, practice hours,  etc.). Evaluation of knowledge is achieved throughout the entire academic year through tests, assignments and evaluations, final testsings and thesis defence.
Academic Life
Marin Barleti University has a very rich academic life. The University serves as a hub for numerous conferences, semminars, open lectures, summer schools and other scientific activities wich are organised throughout the academic year, both at the national and international level...